Thermoadhesive films

Thermoadhesive films or TPUs are thermoplastic adhesives used to couple materials of different kinds.

The thermal coupling allows a permanent and lasting fixing of different fabrics; moreover it allows the replacement of the common seam during the production of highly technical garments, guaranteeing minimum thickness and maximum comfort.

The application of these thermo-adhesive films is particularly suitable in the production of technical / sports clothing or in the packaging of seamless clothing, for example, cycling or nautical garments, thanks to its particular properties: softness, lightness, elasticity and long life.

This thermocollant, generally based on polyurethane, is produced in rolls of about 1.5 m height, and is subsequently available in different heights depending on the customer’s needs.

Some examples of its many applications are: matching of homogeneous and non-uniform sportswear, fixing of pockets, labels, cuffs, underwear, seamless applications, decoration, logos, anti-slip, live cut, reinforcement and more!

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