Anti-slip thermoadhesive

Anti-slip thermoadhesive

Heat-sealable tape with very strong grip surface.

Compatible with different fabrics, elastic and not.

It is soft, it respects the elastic modulus of the fabric to which it is applied and has an excellent elastic return after traction.

It allows a complete liberty of movement and with the grip sustain reduces the movement of fabric and the rubbing of the fabric on the body to a minimum, limiting any

discomfort during the use of the garment..

A silicone difference is certified hypoallergenic. “Silicone-free” material

Used for edging without seams, ribbons and elastic flounces, edging of circular knitwear, warp-knit and bielastic weaving (sportswear, swimwear).


1. Composition: Technopolymer
2. Available in height mm: 10, 20
3. Colors: transparent