Thermoadhesive tapes

It is the definitive solution for the production of waterproof garments, it seals all sown areas that would otherwise allow water to pass.

Unoart is a pioneer of this particular area of the market, they were in fact the first company in Italy 30 years ago to market and promote thermo-adhesive tapes in the footwear and sportswear sector. Over 30 years they have acquired a profound technical know-how of the materials used and a vast experience in application of the product.

Thanks to its experience, Uno Art is able to supply “made-to-measure” thermo-adhesive tapes for every type of application and fabric on the market.

The range of products are no longer only restricted to the classic sectors, footwear and sportswear, but used in other areas such as fashion and accessories, clothing and work shoes, both civil and military, accessories for boating, furnishings, furniture and industry.


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