2-LAYER tape

2-LAYER tape

Also called “2-layer” because it is composed of a layer of thermoadhesive and an insulating membrane generally made of polyurethane (PU), useful to waterproof the seams on light garments like rain coats.

This type of tape is aesthetically very thin, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Its main features are Waterproofing, Lightness and Elastity.

It is used in various market sectors including:

Outdoor clothing, sportswear, motorcycle, cycling, boating and swimwear

Professional clothing (law enforcement, anti-cold jackets, work clothing and high visibility)


The 2-layer tape can be: Transparent, colored, silk-screened, iridescent, fluorescent or reflective; we have a wide range of colors to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need.

The application is carried out by a thermo-shaker, but it is also possible to use a hot press or an iron that reaches a temperature of 140/160 ° C.