3-LAYER tape

3-LAYER tape

Commonly called a “3 layer” because it consists of a layer of thermoadhesive, an insulating membrane and a decorative fabric, to be applied hot to make the seams waterproof.

It is used in various market sectors including:

Outdoor clothing, sportswear, motorcycle, cycling, boating and swimwear

Professional clothing (law enforcement, anti-cold jackets, work and high visibility clothing)


Fashion clothing

Also available for PTFE membranes.

We have a wide range of colors and different fabrics to satisfy every need, even in the fashion sector

The product is applied using a thermo-shaker at about 500 ° C, but it is also possible to use a hot press or an iron that reaches a temperature of at least 140/160 ° C.


1. Composition: jersey + waterproof + thermo-adhesive membrane
2. Available in height mm: 20, 22, 25, 1500
3. Colors: from color folder