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Bonding or coupling

Thanks to the expertise of its technical office and the reliable production facilities, Uno Art can make a valuable contribution to the making of your industrial products: coupling two different fabrics to obtain one with particular features; applying heat-activated thermal adhesives; having waterproof though breathable fabrics or coating with a PTFE membrane: whatever your need, we at Uno Art will meet it.

Heat activated zips
  • Heat activated zips

For improved comfort of light clothing and seam free waterproof garments. Suitable for PVC machining.

Decorative tapes
  • Decorative tapes

Starting from a simple one-colour tape, matt, gloss and metallic lamination will provide a twist of personality.

Heat bonding
  • Heat bonding

Thanks to a specific thermal adhesive, two fabrics can be coupled along their full height for an incredible array of personalised products.

  • Reflective

EN 471 high visibility, reflective, thermally activated tape to be used directly on the product or through lamination of any material on request.

Heat sealing tapes
  • Heat sealing tapes

Regular tapes are turned into heat sealing tapes as per your needs.

Low temperature bonding
  • Low temperature bonding

Thanks to a bi-adhesive, two fabrics can be coupled for an incredible array of personalised products.

Double-sided adhesives
  • Double-sided adhesives

For optimal placing and fastening on hard surfaces.

Iron-on patches
  • Iron-on patches

Heat transfers to embellish and protect clothes with logos and decorations.

Iron-on embroidered patches
  • Iron-on embroidered patches

Thermal transfer adhesive tape on embroidered patches for easy and permanent iron-on application on any fabric/item of clothing.