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Thermal bonding films

Thermoplastic films or TPU are thermoplastic adhesives used to join together different materials.

Seamless thermal matching allows final and long lasting fastening of different kinds of fabrics. Moreover, by ensuring minimal thickness and best comfort, it can be used to replace standard sewing in the production of highly technical clothing.

Thermal bonding films

Heat seal adhesives - thanks to their softness, lightweight, excellent flexibility and endurance - are particularly suited to the production of technical sportswear and in seamless clothing, as in cycling and sealing gear.

Normally, these films come in 1.5 m wide coils, but they can be made available in different sizes according to customers’ needs.

This type of adhesive film ensures excellent bonds to all fabrics both natural and synthetic. It lends itself to several fastening applications as in pockets, collars, decorations ,logos … and many more!

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