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Seam Sealing Tape

A seam sealing tape suitable for any kind of application and fabric

Uno Art can be considered as a pioneer in this specific market area as it was the first company in Italy to trade and promote seam sealing tapes both in footwear and sportswear. This has allowed our company to develop the most extensive expertise as well as thorough technical know-how on the materials employed.

Seam sealing tape is the ultimate solution in the production of waterproof items: it seals all areas adjacent to seams and seam edges which otherwise would let water seep through.

Thanks to its expertise, Uno Art can supply “made-to-measure” seam sealing tape suited to any application and fabric on the market. Its product range is no longer limited to common market sectors such as footwear and sportswear but stretches to other areas including fashion and accessories, work footwear and clothing, military clothing, marine equipment , furniture and many more.

“Solutions Targeted To Your Needs”

Seam sealing tape
  • 3 Layer Tape

This tape is made of three layers: one thermoadhesive layer, one insulating membrane - usually made of polyurethane (PU)- and a decorative jersey It is used for sealing technical and waterproof clothing in several fields: from yachting to skiing, from trekking to motor-biking and from cycling to fashion. We offer a wide range of colours and jersey to meet any requirements!

2 layer tape
  • 2 Layer Tape

This tape is made of two layers: one thermoadhesive layer and one insulating membrane usually made of polyurethane (PU). This kind of tape is very thin and soft to the touch.

It is used for light fabrics such as “k-way” to ensure waterproof properties. Transparent, classic, serigraph, fluorescent or reflective, we offer a wide range of colour to meet any requirements!

Measure made seam sealing tape
  • Measure made seam sealing tape

When standard products do not meet your needs, Uno Art offers its expertise to obtain a seam sealing tape with the fabric you want for full customization of your garments.

The finished seam sealing tape comes from your original fabric but conceals the seams and taping inside the garments making them smooth, homogenous and elegant.